Using a Nextcloud service with FQDN

Issue a Nextcloud instance

The YAML code below creates the service VSHNNextcloud with a Full Qualified Domain Name(FQDN).

kind: VSHNNextcloud
  name: nextcloud-app1-prod
  namespace: prod-app
      version: "29"
      fqdn: (1)
      plan: standard-2
    name: nextcloud-creds-connection (2)
1 Your full qualified domain name
2 Credentials to access the nextcloud

Configure your DNS server

On APPUiO Cloud we provide you with a cert-manager setup which you can use to create, sign, install and renew certificates for your domains running on APPUiO Cloud.

To create a certificate for the Nextcloud FQDN in your domain, you need to create a CNAME record in your domain’s DNS pointing to your APPUiO Zone’s well-defined cname record.

my-nextcloud  IN  CNAME

Access Nextcloud

Once the Nextcloud instance is running in the cluster and DNS server has been configured with the new CNAME then the service should be accessible in your browser via FQDN with credentials from nextcloud-creds-connection secret. The admin password can be changed but be aware the secret credentials will not be valid anymore.

Debug the service

To check the status and potential issues or errors in the service, check the status field of the new object:

$  oc describe my-nextcloud-example
    Last Transition Time:  2024-06-20T13:12:04Z
    Reason:                ReconcileSuccess
    Status:                True
    Type:                  Synced
    Last Transition Time:  2024-06-20T13:13:36Z
    Reason:                Available
    Status:                True
    Type:                  Ready
  Connection Details:
    Last Published Time:  2024-06-20T13:13:36Z