High Availability

Keycloak by VSHN comes with support for multiple instances and High Availability using Infinispan. You have the option to configure up to two additional replicas.

Enable High Availability

To enable high availability you need to set the number of instances to 2 or 3, which will provision one or two replicas.

The following example configuration will start a Keycloak service with two replicas.

apiVersion: vshn.appcat.vshn.io/v1
kind: VSHNKeycloak
  name: keycloak-app1-prod
    instances: 3
When enabling HA for Keycloak, the underlying PostgreSQL database will also be switched to HA and will use the same amount of replicas as defined for Keycloak.
Please be aware that enabling high availability will use significantly more resources and will cost two to three times more.
On APPUiO Cloud, it’s currently not possible to deploy more than two instances, or more than a single instance that is larger than standard-2. Please contact APPUiO Cloud support, if this blocks you from running your application.