Object Storage References

APPUiO Cloud

The following Cloud Provider references are available, to be used in the ObjectBucket object under spec.compositionRef





APPUiO Managed

On an APPUiO Managed cluster, it’s possible to get a list of available references via kubectl.

kubectl get appcat | grep "objectbuckets"
cloudscale.objectbuckets.appcat.vshn.io      cloudscale.ch Object Storage   lpg, rma                                                    https://vs.hn/objstor           390d
exoscale.objectbuckets.appcat.vshn.io        Exoscale Object Storage        de-fra-1, de-muc-1, at-vie-1, ch-gva-2, ch-dk-2, bg-sof-1   https://vs.hn/objstor           370d
minio.objectbuckets.appcat.vshn.io           Minio-minio Object Storage     default                                                     https://vs.hn/objstor           85d

The first column contains the names of the references that are available. For example the reference minio.objectbuckets.appcat.vshn.io would create a bucket on Minio.

It’s possible that a cluster can have multiple Minio instances, like Prod and Test. These can be listed and referenced in exactly the same manner.

This list will look different depending on what cluster you’re connected to.